Friday, December 4, 2009

Guten Tag! & Self-Promotion

As we prepare for our first live performance (tomorrow!), I thought it would be fun to direct you to our first international review. Common Folk Meadow is a German blog discussing "fine acoustic folk & some alt. country & some dream pop" and they have reviewed our EP Water Came and Cooled Us All. Want to read it? Click HERE.

Did you know we have a MySpace page?! Yup. There are even some "bonus" tracks which do not appear on any of our (one) recordings that you can listen to/enjoy. Link: Coo & Howl MySpace

We hope to see some of you tomorrow at our show (PAs Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA. Show starts around 9, Coo & Howl hits the stage around 10:30 or so). We've "electrified" our set, so get ready for some grit. And scotch.

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  1. Ok, so how'd it go? Inquiring minds and all! :) xo