Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Guitar/Coo & Howl enthusiasts rejoice, what you see above is a line-up of all the "six-strings" used in recording of Water Came And Cooled Us All (clicking on the picture will give you a much higher-res image). Leftmost is my Hagstrom, used to record "The Fish" and some other ancillary electric parts around the EP. Next (from left to right) we have a spiffy Ovation donated by my friend Sir Dennis Harrington (shout out to Schenectady). We used that little beauty to record the main guitar on "Halo, Wings & All". Moving along, we come to the Cordoba. Ah, the Cordoba... so many contributions to the record; pretty much the main guitar on every track except "Big Blue Heron" & "The Fish". Matt Savage was often spotted recording his parts with the Cordoba.

Halfway point.

Onward to the Stratocaster. Minimally used, but did play a riff on "Halo, Wings & All", so we find it included here. Next up is everyone's favorite, *Bang-Bang*; lent to me by the infamous, side-car driving Scott Eddy. *Bang-Bang* not only looks great with its western motif, but sounds great too. You can confirm this by listening to the first song of the EP. Last, but not least, is my steel-string, acoustic Yamaha. "Sea Dragon-Shaped" has bluesy accents in the second verse which, as you may have guessed, were recorded using the Yamaha.

So there you have it. The guilty parties. This post may seem like bunch of useless information, but it is a damn nice looking collage.

I am going to Japan now. Bye.

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