Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinatown & The Tam. Voila, a Band.

Matt and I have a tradition of sporadically venturing into Chinatown, aimlessly walking around in search of a restaurant (preferably one we've yet to experience), settling in and gorging until we can eat no more. More often than not, this meal is followed by a visit to a pub of some kind, usually a place on the lower end of the "fancy" scale.

One wintry evening we in fact followed that exact procedure and wound up at The Tam, your standard dive bar; cheap beer, but more importantly, cheap gin and tonics. At this time I was studying classical guitar with the very talented, New England Conservatory PhD student Steve Lin as my instructor. Sipping away at our gin, Matt and I were discussing these lessons when we came up with the idea of writing songs based around the classical guitar concept: classical guitar style music bed, electronic beats underneath and Matt's unique vocal-style on top. It was a recipe for assured greatness and we were very excited to get started.

Soon after, we nixed the electronic beats in lieu of live beats provided by the curious brain of Matt Dodge. He was in Godboy.

Where this leads is anyone's guess.